Reg. No .:20230100202050
Year : 2022-23

Food For Every One

  • Bhikhsa – Varati Khatam & Sabhi ko Shiksha – Khana – Rojgar – Saman – Samman  Adhikar Jan – Jagruti Lana.

(Sitaram Environment Trust’s campaign to end beggary and provide education, employment and food to all)

Compulsory education will be given to all children between 4 to 25 years within the year 02/02/2023. People ranging from 1 day to 80 years will be given food three times a day and will be given employment.

Sitaram Environmentals Trust has launched District Beggary Ending-Employment-Food Program in 2023 as a campaign to end beggary and provide employment-food to all. Ending the District Beggary-Employment-Food Program 2023. To eliminate beggary and provide basic food in backward districts. In this, we will provide food to the people three times a day and will make every possible effort to provide them new employment by enrolling their children in school and paying their fees. We want to give them a new path by providing them food, clothes and books. With three meals a day available, we don’t feel they need to beg. If we provide them employment. That’s why we don’t think they need to beg. We will make every possible effort to bring all other organizations along with us to achieve this objective and request the general public not to give them any kind of money. So that they cannot hide their abilities and cannot become a hindrance in the progress of the country.

If you stop giving them alms. So, these people can start some new work and live their life with respect in the society. With your initiative we can solve many problems like child kidnapping. As long as you guys keep helping them with money. Till then, people with criminal tendencies (kidnappers) will continue to kidnap these innocent boys and girls, mutilate their body parts and make them helpless and make them beg.

Therefore, we will be able to provide them relief from this problem by providing them food, employment, education and many other types of assistance. It aims to strengthen infrastructure, enhance quality and provide support for teacher training.

1. Example: As long as you keep giving alms. Till then, kidnapping organizations will continue to run their business by kidnapping these innocent children. To end the District Bhiksha Vrati and Employment Program keeping in mind their primary needs like food, education and employment. Will try to solve all these problems. And will select specific districts for improvement. For example, a district with low literacy rates and inadequate infrastructure may receive additional resources, job-training programs for teachers, and initiatives to increase student enrollment.

    We provide facilities like accommodation, food, clothes and toys etc., so we need support from all of you. The clothes and toys you donate can bring smiles to the faces of our children. Please help as much as possible.

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