Reg. No .:20230100202050
Year : 2022-23

Kanyadaan & Poor Girls Marriage

Seeta Ram Environmentals Trust  is one of the trusted Trust for poor girls’ marriage. We mainly perform the Kanyadaan of daughters whose families are not in the condition to afford a wedding.

Our Trust tries to support the girl and her family in the wedding by bearing all the expenses involved in the marriage that further helps in overcoming the chances of dowry and suicide because of the lack of money for the wedding.

As we all know that an Indian wedding involves several ceremonies that are complex and demand a lot of money. Not only this, but the marriage goods are also important in an Indian marriage in order to ensure the bonding of two souls.

Keeping all this in mind, we at Seeta Ram Environmentals Trust , have the aim of helping the poor girls and support in their marriage. We strongly believe that no girl on this planet should be treated as a burden by their parents just because of marriage expenses. 

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