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Child healthcare

There is no doubt that Child healthcare is important. Good child health ensures healthy physical development, preventing diseases and promoting growth. It also supports cognitive and emotional development, impacting lifelong well-being. Early detection and treatment of health issues prevent long-term complications. 

Investing in child healthcare insures a productive society by reducing absenteeism in schools and later in the workforce. Additionally, it promotes equity, as access to healthcare can mitigate socioeconomic disparities. Ultimately, prioritizing child healthcare yields healthier, happier individuals and strengthens communities for a sustainable future.

What We Do?

To make healthcare reachable and affordable to everyone we regularly manages campaigns having various healthcare facilities free of cost. At our foundation, we have healthcare providers who travel from village to village in order to offer health check-ups as well as basic treatment. We access services as well as education that are linked to health problems.    

Healthy Kids have Bright Future!

Recognized for the lack of access to healthcare and education in rural India, SEETA RAM ENVIORNMENTALS TRUST has addressed this gap by launching community health programs. These initiatives aim to educate rural communities about preventive and proactive healthcare measures. This focus on improving health awareness empowers rural populations to take charge of their well-being. Through regular health camps, free consultations with doctors, and distribution of essential medications, the program is making a significant difference. Many who previously lacked access to basic healthcare services are now receiving the care they need.

Medicine Distribution Free Medicine Distribution

Medical Camp Free Medical Camp

How can you help?

Our main motive is to help poor people attain and maintain a state of optimum health so that they can live their daily lives easily. 

Before offering the healthcare services, we first try to understand the needs of a patient and then accordingly provide services like home health care, transportation for doctor visits, medical equipment rentals, etc. 

There are two major reasons for the bad health conditions of people in rural areas. First is the lack of education due to which they are not completely aware, second is the reluctance to lose daily wage to reach the medical facility nearby. 

It is true that healthcare for the deprived which is unaddressed has now become a desperate need. It is extremely important to offer healthcare services to all living in rural areas. 

Be it male, female, or children, we offer healthcare services for all in order to ensure they are able to cope up with health issues easily. So, come forward and contribute to the people who really need the right healthcare services.

What is the best age to start daycare?

There’s no single “best” age. After 1 year old is common, but consider your child’s temperament and the daycare’s quality. Focus on a smooth transition and their individual needs.

Which NGO is good for children?

Many great NGOs fight for children’s well-being in India. Nirmala Foundation, empowering rural communities through health education! Needs vary, but all focus on education, healthcare, or safety. 

What is child care in India?

Child care in India ranges from traditional family care to formal options like daycares. Government programs like Anganwadis offer pre-school care and meals in rural areas. Urban areas see a rise in private daycare centers.

How much does daycare cost per month in India?

Daycare costs in India vary greatly by city, type of care, and services offered. Expect a range of ₹5,000 to ₹15,000+ per month, with higher costs in major cities and for full-time care with meals.

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